News - June 2014

District Directors,

National Rendezvous is rapidly approaching, and registration numbers are among the highest we have ever seen at this point in the registration process. We can see that we have an amazing opportunity to make this the largest attended National Rendezvous ever. With your help, we can easily achieve this historical milestone.

I issued a personal challenge to make this happen last month after the first registration deadline. Today, June 13, is the day before the second registration deadline, and we have not quite completed the challenge. I’m asking every district/chapter to continue to seek at least 4 additional members to register.  I know we can do it!

I’m looking forward to “Shaking the Wilderness” with you at the largest Rendezvous ever!

Doug Marsh
Royal Rangers National Director


NSSP application is available on the national website ( and at the NSSP website ( with July 1 deadline.


Please cascade the information that all boys’ advancement applications have been updated.  They now require the pastor’s signature. This is something many pastors were asking for because it allows them to comment on the Christian character development of the boys during the advancement process and connects our pastors to our boys.

Boys’ award applications will be updated later in the year to reflect more flexible a la carte ordering options.


The videos from the Mentoring Future Men Conference are now online at


Boys’ award recipient lists have been updated on the national website.


For those district directors not able to attend LEAD in March, you may have noticed that GMA medals are now being sent to church/leader.


We also need to push the AZ NRMC.  If they wait until after Rendezvous to register it will be too late.  Come to both!


Over the past few years, you will notice the prices in general of Royal Rangers product have not gone up, and we have tried to keep the costs as low as possible. As costs have increased, we have absorbed more, but it has come to a point where we have had to do a price increase. With the release of the 2014-2015 catalog in July, you will notice a 5% price increase on all products.

Please note new products available to districts shown in new catalog. GPH will be providing all of the service regarding these items. Below you will find numbers for your reference. In order to be able to place your orders for these items, you will have to use a GPH district account number. If you are not able to use your district account number, you may email JR Whinery in our office, and he can assist you in placing your order.

729146 Quick Start Guides available to districts at $0.50 each

729143 Ranger Safety Patch
729145 Ranger Safety Certificate
729144 Continuous Learning Certificate

New Geographic Patches
151362 Samoan Dist.
151363 FL Multicultural Dist.
151364 So Latin Dist.
151365 TX Gulf Hispanic Dist.


“As a dad and a Royal Rangers leader, I am excited to be able to attend a National Rendezvous with both of my sons for the very first time. To me, nothing is more exciting than being able to experience this event with both of them. This event will be one that we will be talking about as a family for many years to come!” Hope to see you there!! Anthony Hubbard, FCF national historian

News - May 2014

Dear organizational Royal Rangers leaders:

By now you have heard that I will be stepping down as national director later this year, returning my full attention to international program development, directing Royal Rangers International as an Assemblies of God missionary. I simply believe that the growth underway in the US and overseas is best served if each ministry (RR USA and RRI) has a full-time director. It’s been a high honor to serve as national director, and I feel optimistic about our future and so grateful to God for His faithfulness. He called us to journey with Him “to places we have never been,” we are following, and He is rewarding our obedience. So cool! We can keep the forward momentum by steadfast obedience.

As we progress in this time of transition, please join me in the following:

  1) Set aside time daily to pray for our leadership as they search for our next national director, that God’s man for our next season of ministry is clearly identified;

  2) Attend Rendezvous this summer, accompanied by a great delegation. It’s going to be a special event that propels Royal Rangers and FCF forward in important ways that you will want to capture and replicate upon returning to your district;

  3) Consider how you might prepare Kerry and me for our next challenge, reaching our missionary budget. We must raise significant monthly commitments. Supporting us yourself and drawing the attention of pastors and Rangers leaders to our need would be very helpful. Visit our website at It’s a portal for information, donations (including monthly commitments), social media, news, inviting us to speak, and more. Stand with us to propel worldwide growth.

Have a great month! Keep your foot on the accelerator full throttle ahead as we evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

Doug Marsh
National Director
Royal Rangers


If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering full time at Rendezvous14, please have them complete the Survey Monkey questionnaire ( and send there names to Steve Schultz at We need volunteers in the areas of medical, food service, security, transportation, maintenance, etc. We still need 1-2 doctors to volunteer.


The first early registration deadline for National Rendezvous is just less than two weeks away (May 14). To register, go to If you know you are coming to Rendezvous but haven’t registered yet, don’t miss out on this discount. For more general information on Rendezvous, visit


All annual medals for boys are available on the Royal Rangers website (RK gold Trail – Honor GMA). The announcement they would be restricted with an application process was announced at LEAD. Now, each annual award is signed by the pastor to endorse they boy’s Christian character development. Please get the word out to the outposts in your district.


The MFM Conference PPT is now available online at This PPT can be modified and used to present the content from the Mentoring Future Men Conference in other venues, such as a district church ministries conference.


The new FCF Handbook is now available at It describes the new requirements for FCF membership and advancement. The following statement describes the transition from the current to the new system: “A Royal Rangers member may join the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship or advance under the old or the new Trail of the Grizzly requirements until December 31, 2014. As of January 1, 2015, all new memberships and advancements will be under the new Trail of the Grizzly requirements only, as described in the 2014 edition of the FCF Handbook.

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